2020 Spring & Summer Workshops

Intro Class: Bowls & Mugs
This workshop is for people with little to no experience making pottery on the wheel but would love to learn how to throw. We’ll go through the entire process from start to finish.

The class is 6 weeks long on Tuesday nights from 6:30 to 9:00pm
First class: Tuesday, April 21
Last class: Tuesday, May 26
Max 4 students
Fee: $400 + HST
* Includes your first 25lb bag of clay, all glazes & firings.
* This class also includes an invitation to the season end Glazing Party for all my students
* 50% deposit required to reserve your spot in class.

Reserve Your Spot in the Workshop

Sunday Workshops

These workshops are 3 hours long on a Sunday afternoon from 11:00am to 2:00pm. This workshop is for people who would lke an introduction to working with clay. During the class we’ll do some hand building, a little wheelthrowing & you get to pick 2 pre-made pieces to paint with your own design.

Each piece you make & paint will be finished for you & ready for pick up form the studio a few weeks after class. Choose from:

  • Sunday, May 31, or
  • Sunday, June 21, or
  • Sunday, July 19.

Max 4 students per Sunday
Fee: $150* + HST
*175 if you require shipping for your pottery.
*50% deposit required to reserve your spot in class.

Reserve Your Spot in the Workshop

Are you planning a trip to the County? 

Would you like to book your own afternoon workshop with me? The afternoon workshops are a great way to be creative on a weekend away.

The workshops are 3 hours long, with a minimum of 2 people, maximum of 4.

The fee is $175 + HST per person & must be booked 3 weeks in advance.

Contact Melanie to book some time in the studio in 2020.

Workshop Details

What do you teach?

Beginner Wheel Throwing

This class is for people who don’t have any experience throwing on the wheel, or for those whose skills are a bit rusty and they’d like a refresher course. In this workshop you will learn how to

  • Make a bowl and a mug on the potters’ wheel. These are the two basic shapes, once you know how to make these two forms you can make pretty much anything.
  • Use basic hand building techniques to add a personal touch to your pots.
  • Decorate & glaze your wares to further enhance the style of your pottery.

This course is 6 to 8 weeks long, with weekly classes.
Location: Mena Dragonfly HQ, 1287 County Rd 12, West Lake, Prince Edward County.
Cost: $400 to $475 + HST (50% deposit required to secure your spot).

Advanced Wheel Throwing

This workshop is geared towards people who have experience on the wheel and know how to centre and make a bowl. In this class you’ll learn how to:

  • Make lidded pieces – Make sets of things, like a set of four mugs
  • Make a teapot – this is the most complex form a potter can make
  • Decorating & glazing techniques.

This course is 6-8 weeks long, with weekly classes.

Location: Mena Dragonfly HQ, 1287 County Rd 12, West Lake, Prince Edward County.

Cost: $400 to $475 + HST (50% deposit required to secure your spot).

Hand-Building Workshop

This class is for anyone who wants to get their hands dirty and experience what it’s like to work with clay. In this workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Make pottery using coils & slabs.
  • Pinch pots in all sizes.
  • Use plaster moulds.
  • Decorate & glaze your finished pieces. This workshop is 4 weeks long.

*Schedule TBA

How much does it cost?

The workshops range in price from $350 to $600 per person depending on the workshop and if you’d like a private one on one lesson with me or if you’d like to join a small group.

What is the class schedule?

Please see the scheudle at the top of this page. Sign up for the Workshop newsletter to be the first to know when the next workshops are scheduled.

What are the classes like?

Laid back, fun, informative, inspiring.

For each I teach up to four people at one time. For you this is awesome, because you almost get private lessons. For me this is wonderful, because I can give each of you more of my attention. In my experience, the smaller the group, the quicker you can pick up the skills – and I love seeing my students learn more and more from week to week.

You will be able to make some pottery by the end of the workshop. For the first 30 – 45 minutes of each class I give a lesson including a demonstration then you have the rest of the time to work in the studio with me there to guide you.


In my studio in Prince Edward County, located in West Lake at 1287 County Rd 12.

What makes Mena Dragonfly workshops unique?

I love pottery, I love to teach pottery because I like to share it with people.

I was once a lot like you, for some reason I wanted to learn how to make pottery. Something about that spinning wheel just seemed so appealing. So about 17 years ago I decided to take an introductory wheel throwing workshop at a local community centre. I was hooked on wheel throwing from the start & continued taking workshops for four years straight. I loved being in that community environment, it helped spark my creativity.

My workshops are awesome because they are so small. Even if the class is full, it’s kind of like a semi private lesson for you. This is also great for me because I can easily provide one on one guidance during your practice time.

Plus, I LOVE to teach people how to make pottery. My workshops have a fun, casual feel to them, there’s absolutely no pressure. Really I just want you to have fun while learning a new skill.


“Melanie’s dedication and passion for pottery is evident in her enthusiasm for wanting to share her knowledge with her students, bringing about a very open and friendly studio atmosphere.” – Venus

“I just completed a 6 week class with Melanie and can honestly say that she was a fabulous instructor! I went in as a complete novice (save for distant memories of Grade 7 art class), and by the end of the first class I had thrown 3 bowls that actually looked like what I’d intended, which would have never happened without her. She has the perfect mix of teaching styles, demonstrating the process and then letting her students get their hands dirty with a watchful eye providing tips as needed along the way. I’m now entirely enamored with pottery in general, entirely thanks to Melanie, and would absolutely recommend her hands down to anyone looking to revisit their childhood desires to play with dirt while learning to create beautiful, functional pottery. ” – Miranda

“A patient, considerate and careful teacher, it was a wonderful experience to learn some of the basics from Melanie.” – Colin

“As I have had the pleasure of participating in Melanie’s pottery classes I can say that as a teacher she is approachable, knowledgeable and encouraging. She has a firm understanding of the materials and brings a delightful cheer to every class. She is attuned to when her students require help and gentle guidance while providing them the space necessary to explore, discover, engage and have great fun. I certainly recommend that you take the opportunity to work with her whether it be one on one or in a group class or workshop.” – Danielle

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