I have issued myself a challenge: re-make all of the pottery I was going to give away as Christmas presents by December 25th. (Yes, my family and friends are getting pottery from me yet again but I figure it’s been more than 5 years since I last gifted my pottery, so it’s time I replaced the originals.)

When I figured out that I had ruined my last kiln load of pottery I was itching to get back on the wheel to make the replacements. I started on Wednesday night and made a batch of mugs. I spent a few hours on Thursday making more mugs and a few bowls. By Sunday they were dry enough for me to trim and add the handles. On today’s pottery agenda: lidded pieces: teapots, casserole dishes and that pesky sugar dish I still need to replace.

I’m hoping I can get everything in the kiln for the bisque firing by the end of this week.
Second batch

Ofcourse I also have to actually do some Christmas shopping, get all of the Christmas cards signed and sent, and clean the apartment before my Mom arrives on Sunday – it’s going to be a busy week but I think it’s all do-able.