My Christmas Pottery Replacement Challenge is going well. I’m basically just waiting for the pots to dry a bit more before the first firing. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get everything glazed on time, but I have a back up plan, just in case. I’m really enjoying all of the time I’m spending on the wheel and it’s a nice glimpse into a pottery life filled with deadlines and orders to fulfill.

While working away on the pots I’m always listening to music so I wanted to share with you three songs that have been on heavy rotation in the studio for the last few months:

  • Rather Be, by The Verve from their 2009 album, Forth.
    When the chorus below starts up, it’s like everything just melts away and all is right with the world again:

    “I’d rather be here than be anywhere
    Is there anywhere better than here?
    These feelings I’ve found they are oh so rare, is there anywhere better than here?”

  • All Is Full of Love, by Bjork, from Homogenic.
    This song is so dreamy and sappy but beautiful and a good reminder to just lighten up already. These are the lyrics that get stuck in my head:

    “you’ll be given love,
    you have to trust it

    maybe not from the sources you have poured yours into
    maybe not from the directions
    you are staring at

    twist your head around
    it’s all around you”

  • Don’t Stop ‘Til you Get Enough, by Michael Jackson, from Off The Wall
    I can’t help but dance, or tap my foot, or just move some part of my body to the beat when this song comes on. As for the lyrics, I think the title of the song says it all.