It’s been quiet here on the Mena Dragonfly website but there’s been lots going on. My family came for Christmas from Ontario and my brothers-in-law were also here from the UK. On Christmas day we had 10 people (and two dogs, ofcourse) at our place for breakfast, stockings and presents; it was cozy but we had a great time.

My Mom arrived a few days before Christmas and without her help on the 22nd I wouldn’t have completed my Christmas Pottery Replacement Challenge. We spent the afternoon in the pottery studio glazing all of the pots.
Mom and I glazing
We loaded the kiln, fired it up then waited somewhat anxiously for two days to see how it turned out. On the afternoon of the 24th we unloaded the kiln and there were a few surprises, a couple of disappointments but for the most part it was successful and I was able to re-make all of the Christmas presents along with a few extra pots to boot. I celebrated by testing out my wobbly shot glass.
The wobbly shot glass

Yesterday, our out of town relatives left Vancouver. I miss them all so much already and am looking forward to next Christmas when we can do it all again.

As 2010 quickly approaches, it’s that time when most people review their year and make plans for the next one. For me, it feels like the year was split in two when things unfolded in August. I feel like I went through some big changes since then and have already spent a lot of time reflecting on what was, what is and looking ahead to what will be. One thing that I keep being reminded of is the incredible people I am so fortunate to have in my life. I am truly blessed to be surrounded by the family and friends that I have, and I have been most lucky to be able to spend time with so many of them over the past few months.

Wishing you and yours all of the very best for the coming year. I have a really good feeling about 2010, I think it’s gonna be a good one.