I have a love/hate relationship with the computer.

Since January I have been spending a lot of time on the laptop figuring out financials, doing market research and writing plans. But on Monday, March 15 I got some good news that allowed me to take some time off the computer and get back on the wheel, so that’s what I’ve been doing. While I’m waiting for the kiln to cool it’s a good time for me to catch up on the blog.

The computer to me is a “can’t live with it, can’t live without” item. I love the computer for all the same reasons most people love computers, but I think my hate-side stems from the fact that I associate being on the computer with being in physical pain.

Back in the 90’s I was working on my honours thesis and I developed I weird little lump on my wrist. After visiting the doctor I discovered that it was just a ganglion-cyst and would probably rupture at some point, which I was assured was no big deal. Yeah right, when that thing finally did rupture the pain was horrible and spread through to the tips of my fingers and up to my elbow.

A couple years later I was working at a desk job and my right wrist and arm were often in pain. It would sometimes hurt too much to pick up a cup of tea. Again, I went to a doctor, who sent me to a specialist, who then ran a bunch of tests on each of my arms that consisted of sending electricity from my elbow to my fingers. I was told the good news, I didn’t have carpal tunnel syndrome – yet. I took the doctor’s advice and had my desk set up correctly, began doing exercises for my wrist and started wearing a brace to keep my wrist from moving side to side when I typed.

Over the years, from one desk job to another, my wrist was always in pain, but it was manageable with the brace. If I didn’t wear the brace for one day I wouldn’t be able to carry a bag of groceries. As time went on though the pain spread. It all seemed to happen so slowly that I somehow just accepted it and lived with the chronic pain in my right side – which eventually spread to my shoulder, neck and back. I just always felt like I needed a good, long massage, or a rack.

It’s amazing to me now to think that I lived with that pain for so long, because now, since I haven’t been working at a desk for 40+ hours a week, the pain is almost completely gone. I still get a twinge in my neck every now and then, but I haven’t worn that wrist brace since August.

So really, that’s why I don’t like the computer, for so many years it seemed to inflict pain on me. I know that as I start and run my business, there will be times when I’ll have to dig out the brace from wherever it is packed away now, that there will be times when I will have to spend a good chunk of my time typing, but I’m going to relish this time now, the time when I can put limits on my computer time and spend more time on the wheel making beautiful, unique, pottery – for you.

I will post pictures of my latest creations as soon as I can crack that kiln open.