I really enjoy making lists, I always have multiple lists on the go, various to-do lists, shopping lists, the list of things I need to ask the next time I go to the pottery supply store…

It’s one of the ways the hyper-organized part of me puts everything in order. I even have one of those Life Lists.

A few years ago I was inspired by Keri Smith and wrote a list of 30 things to do in my 30th year. I accomplished a lot of stuff that year. Having been inspired by my 30 things list, my boss at the time made a list of 100 things to do in her life. She then asked the staff to make and share our lists. I also happened to be working with my very good friend, Danielle, so I expanded my 30 things list while Danielle wrote hers. Our boss sent out our two lists to everyone on the same day, to our surprise Danielle and I had a few of the exact same things on our lists along with a handful of very similar tasks. I knew we were a lot alike, but sheesh, had we been separated at birth?

More recently though Maggie Mason has been sharing her list of 100 things, along with her accomplishments and challenges, and she has asked everyone to make and share their lists. I recently revisited my list, which I haven’t looked at in ages and without tracking my progress on it for the last while I completed a few more things.

In the spirit of sharing here are some of the things I’ve done:

• Knit blankets for the Girls
• Knit myself a couple of scarves
• See Starry Night by van Gogh
• Bake a pie from scratch – including the crust! (I’ve now done this several times)
• See Bjork in concert again
• Ride the Minebuster rollercoaster at Canada’s Wonderland
• Re-paint the bathroom
• Always have a dachshund in my life
• See The Fitness in concert – impossible, since they are no longer together
• Take the Girls to Brampton for Christmas
• Have my own pottery wheel
• See Stereolab in concert again
• Get that tattoo
• Buy more Fluevogs
• Take Molly and Lexy camping
• Spend New Year’s with Chris and Sara
• Go to the Museum of Modern Art in New York

But what has really inspired me to revisit this list is in May I’m going to cross something off the list that I thought I wouldn’t be able to – I’m going to see Massive Attack in concert.

Just after Mark and I got married we went traveling for three months and ended up missing Massive Attack concerts in London, Amsterdam, Paris & Verona. It became a bit of a running joke with us, especially after we made a side trip to Verona to see Bjork at a 2,000 year old Roman arena, and found out that Massive Attack had played there the night before we arrived.

That was seven years ago, they have not come to Vancouver the whole time. A few weeks ago Darren alerted me to the concert announcement and pre-sale deal and now I‘ll get to see them in Vancouver, I am so looking forward to it!

And it will be ever so satisfying crossing one more thing off The List.