Last night was the Massive Attack show and it was everything I could have wanted it to be. It was at an outdoor venue in Stanley Park, beautifully nestled into the trees, but with full exposure to the rain.

The rain, who cares about rain when Massive Attack is on stage? Not me. I was well equipped with my rain coat and rubber boots, but after a while the mist was refreshing, it gets hot when you’re dancing in rain gear.

Martina Topley-Bird opened the show. She was solo on stage and managed to sound like a full band. She has collaboarted many times with Massive Attack and she later came on stage and sang with them (heavenly!), but for me, one of the best musical memories I will ever have is of her singing Overcome. It’s from Tricky’s album, Maxinquaye and is one of those that songs will always be included on my Life’s Soundtrack. When the song was over I felt like, that was it, the whole night was worth it just for that song.

Then Massive Attack took the stage.

The sound was great and the music was fantastic. They played a few songs from their new album, and the rest were songs from all of their other albums, including many of their past featured singers – like I said, it was everything I could have wanted a Massive Attack show to be.

A friend of mine said it was like a spiritual experience, and today, yes I think I am feeling that too. I cannot stop thinking about the show.

The backdrop to the stage was a series of LED screens, a simple yet effective display. Images, numbers, words, quotes, headlines, ones & zeroes, statistics were all displayed across the back throughout the show.

I felt like I got an education. The sentiments flashed across the screen were at times a raw reflection of the current state of the world, and at others they were a rallying cry, and the crowd was into it.

The last song was Atlas Air from their new CD Heligoland. I don’t think I will ever hear this song the same again. Now when I hear it I want to DO SOMETHING good for this world. I’m inspired to make a few changes for the better. I’m not exactly sure how those changes are going to take shape yet, but it feels like a seed has been planted.