Today would have been my Grandma’s 96th Birthday.

Whenever I’d call her the conversation always started off something like this:

Me: Hi Grandma! It’s Melanie!

Grandma: Sure I know that little voice. What time is it there?

Me: It’s noon.

Grandma: My, my, we’re going to have supper soon and you’re about to have dinner*. And you sound some clear, like you’re right next door….

We were four and a half time zones apart from each other. She was always surprised at how well she could hear me over the phone. I guess that was because she remembered the first phones, the party lines, the crackles and pops in the background.

I’m so glad I have so many wonderful memories of my Grandma; like the picture below, right after I took it she turned to me and stuck her tongue out (I got a photo of that too but I’m sure she wouldn’t have wanted me to show it to anyone).
My Grandma
*In Newfoundland they call lunch “dinner” and dinner is called “supper.” And a “lunch” is a snack.