Here is today’s Reverb10 prompt:

Prompt: Friendship. How has a friend changed you or your perspective on the world this year? Was this change gradual, or a sudden burst?

In April I began an entrepreneurship course. On the first day there were name tags at our seats. I found my spot and sat down right next to Marlis Funk.

I told her I liked her name and we’ve been friends ever since. That day we decided to form a peer group together. During the course we met now and then to touch base on how things were going with our business plans. Once the course was over we decided to keep up our meetings and we now meet every Monday morning over coffee and tea and we talk business.

At our meetings we discuss what’s new, any challenges we’re having, we brainstorm ideas together and we help each other out. It almost feels like having a business partner because we both know each others’ business so well now.

But what started as an entrepreneurial networking connection has turned into a wonderful friendship. Marlis is top notch. She is kind, generous with her time and a true professional. She is also one of the most helpful and thoughtful people I know here in Vancouver. During the One Of A Kind Show she helped both Corrine and I at our booths and each day she brought us snacks and drinks, because that’s what she’s like – she’s great.

So here’s to you Marlis Funk! You’re a fantastic friend and I’m so glad they sat us next to each other on that first day of class.