I get songs stuck in my head a lot. I often wake up with one playing on repeat between my ears. Some mornings those songs are bad (Do you believe in life after love?) often they are completely random (This is the Age of Aquarius, the Age of Aquariuuuusssssss) and sometimes I’m lucky and that phantom radio station that only my head tunes into plays a song I love – like one of these three:

Interpol is one of my favourite bands. Mark and I saw them on the first stop of their current tour in January and they did not disappoint. Here is the video for the song Barricade from their self titled album released at the end of 2010:

I was so happy when Arcade Fire won the Grammy for Best Album – they deserved it. The Suburbs is a fantastic album. Last Fall Marlis inspired us to go to their concert and I left that show loving the band even more. The following video for the song The Suburbs was directed by Spike Jonze – he is also one of my favourites. This video is nothing like what I imagine when I listen to the song, but that’s what I love about music videos, you get to see some one else’s visual interpretation of the music.

Just last week Radiohead released their latest album, The King of Limbs, a day early. Yes, I did splurge, I bought the Newspaper Album – it comes with 625 tiny pieces of artwork!

I’ve only seen Radiohead in concert once and it was one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. It was at an outdoor stadium on a very rainy night. My waterproof rain jacket did not keep the water out and neither did Mark’s. We were soaked. But that didn’t deter us and we stuck around for all 5 encores (that’s right there were 5!). Now whenever it’s a down pour outside I refer to it as “Radiohead Rain.”

This is the first video from The King of Limbs, Lotus Flower: