My most favourite restaurant in Vancouver, Tapastree closed down last year and re-opened into something completely different and awful. I have missed that place so much and am very disappointed it no longer exists but that just leaves room for new favourites, here are some of the best places to eat around here:

The roof top patio at Joe Fortes
Truthfully the roof top patio is the only reason I’d go to Joe Fortes, my experiences in the dining room have been lack luster but the patio is fabulous, it’s where they keep their herb garden. I recommend going there on a sunny day for drinks and snacks.

There are lots of Japanese restaurants in Vancouver but Ebisu has become my favourite. We came about it by chance one day, Mark, Corrine and I were standing on a street corner looking for a sushi place, we asked random strangers as they walked by and one guy actually responded he recommended Ebisu which was right across the street. We’ve been hooked ever since, dine in the restaurant or order delivery, either way the sushi is fresh and delicious.

I love the tagline for this place: Caribbean Cuisine, Reggaecentric Environment. Calabash is a newish restaurant in our neighbourhood and we’ve now been there about half a dozen times. The food is delicious. I recommend the Coconut Balls, the Fish Fry and the Jerk Fish of the day. They also have live music most nights of the week.

On a side note, here’s something I find weird about Vancouver: dark rum is kind of hard to find at bars and restaurants, I know this because I am a Dark Rum Drinker (my Newfie family is so proud) and usually when I order a rum & coke they mix it with white rum which is just not the same. Calabash to the rescue – they have an entire Rum Menu!

Deacon’s Corner
This is a diner kiddie corner from my building. Not only is the location convenient for me but they have an all day breakfast menu. I almost always have either the pancakes or the french toast with the fresh fruit compote. I’ve also had the baked mac & cheese and the fish & chips & I’ve never been disappointed.

This is the restaurant that has replaced Tapastree as mine and Mark’s favourite place to eat out. We’ve been there to celebrate Birthdays, Anniversaries, Wednesdays… and whenever any out of town friends come to visit this is our restaurant of choice. I’ve had every vegetarian and fish dish on the menu and I can recommend them all. May I also recommend you end your meal with the Dolce de Leche. Oh – and they make the best Mojitos I’ve had in this city.

So those are my favourite places to eat in the city – what are your favourites?