A funny thing started happening in the Fall, soon after we arrived in Ontario, people kept telling us about Prince Edward County and it seemed like everywhere we went someone was drinking wine or talking about the cheese from The County. This was a place neither of us had heard of before. But it was starting to feel like the universe was sending us a message.

So we went exploring. We went for a three day weekend, extended it to four then we found a home.
And it is awesome.

The house is 120 years old. It looks like the house version of the first apartment Mark and I lived in at the Holly Lodge in the West End of Vancouver.

It’s on 6.75 acres. There are fruit trees.

It’s a B&B. Remember when I thought, “wouldn’t it be nice to have a second bathroom“? This place has 5.

Oh – and we also have a Carriage House. That building includes:
* Garage space for Mark’s workshop. And the kilns.
* Another guest room with an ensuite.
* A loft which will become the home of the Mena Dragonfly Studio.

My own studio.

Oh – and the whole place is located 5 minutes from Sandbanks Provincial Park, home of the largest fresh water sand dunes in the world. Plus, it’s on the Prince Edward County Arts Trail.

I remember saying to someone in Vancouver, “…. change is good, sometimes you have to start a new chapter and see what opportunities come.” What an opportunity.

We are so incredibly excited. Mark and I have talked about running a B&B for years. We’ve been daydreaming about this for a really long time but we thought it was a plan for the future.

The future is here and this is it.

We’re opening a B&B.
We’re setting up a studio and workshop.
And Molly & Lexy are here with us, having a blast: